5 Hair Colour Myths You Should Stop Believing Now

If you have been colouring your hair, then there is a high chance you have heard some opinions from others.  Before you start taking stress you should know that many of the opinions are just myths. And we just need to stop believing them. 

We’ve all been in situations when someone (often well-intentioned) feels compelled to share their opinion on the decisions you’ve made. Mostly you will hear such thoughts from family or friends. But one should learn about reality, instead of believing in a lie. 

And here we are going to bust 5 hair colour myths for you. Just keep reading to learn about them. 

If you are in Gold Coast Australia, you can contact a hair salon in Gold Coast to learn more about hair colour myths. 

Will colouring destroy your hair?  

This is one of the most common myths of our society. Many of our customers have been colouring their hair for years and they still have soft and healthy hair. 

I am not saying that colouring does not have any negative impact. But you can avoid negative situations by using the best product or visiting the right salon in Gold Coast. 

It is true that if you don’t take professional guidance you will damage your hair. For instance, I have seen people applying too much bleach to their hair. They assume that it will not damage their hair. But using too much bleach will turn their hair into straw. 

Thus, if you are not familiar with hair products then contact a hair salon in Gold Coast. As they will have a professional hairdresser who can maintain the beauty and health of your hair.  

Does the sun damage your hair colour?

If you haven’t heard, the sun’s rays may have a major influence on the colour of your hair and how rapidly it fades. As you know, in summer the temperature can rise to 40 degrees in Australia. So you should take precautions to protect your hair colour.  

You probably apply sunscreen to your skin before heading out for a day at the pool, but what about your hair?

You can find many hair products that can reduce the negative effect of the sun on your hair. But there is a free of cost solution. You can simply use a hat or take an umbrella on a hot sunny day.  

Remember that these precautions are not just limited to summer days. The sun is out there throughout the year. So if you are going out in winter on a sunny day you should at least wear a hat. It will keep you warm and protect your hair colour. 

Is it okay to wash hair right away after colouring with colour safe shampoo?

People assume that colour safe shampoo will not damage the hair colour. But the reality is completely opposite. 

Most of the products related to hair colours are formulated to prolong the life of your hair colour. But they don’t have any magical effect that you can use whenever you wish to. And it can become even worse if you use them right after colouring hair. 

If you want to keep your hair looking brilliant for longer, allow it time for the cuticles to close completely and lock the colour in. Sure, it’s not a long-term solution, especially if you’re using semi-permanent colours, but it might be the difference between your hair washing out in a few weeks vs lasting a few months. 

Before washing your hair for the first time, wait 48-72 hours after dying it. After that, even if you’re using ‘colour safe’ treatments, bear in mind that the more you wash your hair, the faster it can fade. 

This isn’t to mean you shouldn’t invest in quality hair products! Sulfate-free ‘colour safe’ products can help you get more time between touch-ups and re-dyeing your hair. 

Do you need to match the colour of your hair and eyebrow?

It is not necessary to match your hair colour with your eyebrows. Instead, it is now a norm to contrast hair and eyebrows. But if you try to dye your eyebrows you will get in trouble. Why?

The answer is simple, hair products are not made for the eyes. If you even attempt to colour eyebrows you will damage your eyesight. 

Fortunately, you can use makeup to dye your eyebrows. For better results, you should contact a hairdresser in Gold Coast. As they will know how to add colour to brows that last for a long time. 

Do you need to keep colouring your hair once you start? 

It is 100% your decision whether you wish to colour your hair again or not. If you like a colour combination now you can keep it, and when you don’t like it you can get rid of it. Don’t let false statements fool you. 

Moreover, if a layman informs you of such a thing then it is not ideal to believe it. You should get in touch with a solon in Gold Coast to learn the reality. 

Furthermore, if you wish to return to natural hair colour you can use a couple of methods. 

First, you can wait for the colour to fade away. Once it is gone your old hair colour will be back. It is a cost-effective method but it will take a few months. For quicker results, you can adapt the second option. 

The second option involves another hair colour. For restoring your natural hair colour you can use a dye that is close to your natural color. And with time your natural hair will outgrow the dyed ones. 

Again, for better information contact hairdressers in Gold Coast. 

Final thoughts 

These were five myths about hair colours. But the list is not only limited to only five, there are many myths that you should know about. You can contact us to learn all about them. Our expert hairdressers are always here to improve the health, colour and shine of your hair.